With the whole pandemic going on all over the world, we are spending more time than ever online and even facing on screens for hours. While it may seem like an easy thing to do, our eyes can get very taxing and it can have repercussions to the eyesight in the long run. One of the common issues that we have been facing in today’s world: Eye Fatigue. Our eyes need rest, and we need to take it away from our screens once in a while to get a fresh sight, just like how we’d go out to have a fresh breath of air. The lovely folks at Essilor invited us for an Interview to talk about their new lineup of product and at the same time, we got to ask some question and here’s what they have to say.

Digital Eye Strain Has Gone through the Roof

In today’s world, the number of users that goes through digital eye strain has gone through the roof because of how our behaviour and human behaviour-interaction has changed tremendously. One good example was how back when we were young and our parents would say “go out and play.” but that very sentence’s meaning has altered to a point that now kids take their phones and start playing. Digital Eye Strain starts as young as a kid right now. What was once only found in workplaces is now found even in your pocket and that’s how dependent we have become to Digital Devices. Digital Devices have become a lifestyle. That said, everyone has different way of experiencing and describing the symptoms: headache, blurry eyes, dry eyes, how we view in a position and Eye Strain which is a term on its own is vague as its hard to describe of give a proper certain meaning to it.

What Really Changed?

We spend more time with digital devices and the viewing distance has gotten shorter. That said, we bring our digital devices everywhere which makes us stick our eyes to one for a long time. Although displays have gotten better over the time, we spend a long time staring at it. We work continuously and that leaving a higher intensity.

Key Problem to Blocking Blue light and What makes Essilor Products Different

One of the key issue to blocking blue light in glasses is not about blocking the blue light but in reality, its about how exactly to manage the residual colors so that it doesn’t alter the colors of the object we look at. Its all about filtering a percentage of blue and keep the lens as clear as possible. When consumers wear it, our idea is to make the glasses look as normal as possible. Our technology at Essilor is driven to be invisible and it’s hard to sell. The invisibility is the technology and the Key to our lenses. In terms of the Blue Filtering lenses that we have, Essilor has done enough research to make sure that the perception of the wearer is that they don’t get the sense that there’s a blue filter in it and looks like a normal lens.

Blue light Filters aren’t Blue

Some of the Blue light filtering glasses don’t have Blue filters but they have yellow filters. Now this causes an issue for people who rely on their display for color sensitive work. But again, Blue filter doesn’t change one’s color vision and it only changes one’s color perception.

Essilor’s Lineup of Product

Essilor has a product in the past called Crizal Preventia where the Blue light filtering is done with a coating which was applied on top of the lens itself. Right now, Essilor has unveiled the new product: Crizal Blue UV Capture where the Blue filter isn’t in the coating but it’s in the substrate itself. Because of this change, it looks aesthetically better as the lens now looks clear and doesn’t have a yellow hue to it and it also eliminates the high refractive purple hue which doesn’t work quite well for consumers who does content creation of themselves such as VLOGGING and such, where they end up catching the purple hue in the camera.

Eyezen Start is a new addition to the Eyezen series where consumers at different age can use it with no issues. The lens helps in reliving the eye strain and that coupled with the Crizal Blue UV Capture, it’s a best of both world combination. Finally, Transition is a series for those who spend time outside mostly and protects the eye from UV by turning darker outdoors.

What Essilor makes and what other Generic Bluelight Glasses aren’t the Same

Every lens behind Essilor makes or has made, is backed by science and proper R&D to prove that it works and this is a key importance and what is important to take note of, especially in the sea of other self-claimed “blue light blocking glasses” that aren’t prescribed by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. Because of such said glasses that’s going around the market, it is causing a misconception that Bluelight is bad and it spreads like a grapevine.

Common Misconceptions of Eyecare

My eyes are “alright” and I don’t need Checkup

Consumers think that or live under the impression that their vision is fine, and they are doing quite alright. But they only turn up to an Optometrist only when something severe happens. Its recommended to see an Eye Specialist every year for adults and every six months for kids to make sure everything is alright with one’s Vision as one would never know if they have any increase of eyesight issues or even to trace down eye diseases which presents with no symptoms at all.

Sunglasses are Essential Protection for Eyes

It’s crucial to protect your eyes from the sunlight with the help of a sunglass as it’s not a common habit for Malaysian to not use one.

Not wanting to get Glasses for Astigmatism or other issues

In cases of kids where they go through Astigmatism or other eye related issues, the parents have the tendency to not make their kids wear glasses as they believe in myths that it makes their eye condition worse. But, be it if they wear a glass or not, a child’s eyesight is bound to get worse and it’s important to keep it checked and keep it under control from further complications as there is a need to correct the eye sight.

These are some of the many things we spoke with the lovely reps from Essilor. They did venture into topic thats a lot more interesting but we will talk about it and take a look at it in an upcoming article. Keep your eyes peeled for that.