\With most of the time covered in N95 based masks when we go out, the one place we are bound to take them down and prone to encounter the contaminated air outside would be the air condition system in our cars. But if you are a PROTON owner, you do not have to worry about any of it because they have introduced their Intelligent Air Purification System which comes with N95 Cabin Filter fitted into the car.

Proton’s N95 Cabin Filter

The N95 Cabin Filter pretty much holds a good advantage in preventing microparticles from entering the car. The filter is capable of removing 95% of the particles, which is larger than 0.3 microns and removes PM2.5 Dust particles as well, which makes it an effective barrier from the foreign particle in the air like dust, smoke, pollutants and most importantly bacteria.

It seems like the existing Air Purifier System that is baked into all the Proton X70s will be here to stay as it uses an HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of the particles larger than 0.3 microns and the activated carbon helps in removing odors, formaldehyde, therefore absorbing and purifying the smoke particles. Now what Proton did is that they have combined the Air Purifier System along with the N95 Cabin Filter (PROTON Intelligent Air Purification System) which acts as a much intense barrier against the polluted air entering the car cabin, which maintains the high level of protection for better environment.

Dr Li Chunrong, the CEO of PROTON said,

 “PROTON is constantly looking at ways to improve our offerings. The introduction of the N95 Cabin Filter is particularly relevant in today’s global environment and by improving the quality of air in the cabin, we hope to deliver a comfortable contaminant-free experience to our customers. For now, P-IAPS will only be offered on the Proton X70 but our designers and engineers are working to fit the N95 cabin filter in our other models too.”

So, as of right now, cars like the Proton X50, Saga, Iriz and so on gets the same N95 cabin filters baked right into it. If you are a new owner of any of the cars, chances are it comes pre-fitted but if you happen to purchase the Proton X70 before May, then owners can always upgrade their filters for RM 79 excluding labor charges.