Not too long ago, KKM decided to make the Astra Zeneca COVID-19 vaccination available based on a volunteer basis in Klang Valley in the first phase. People who volunteered and wanted the vaccines, have been getting it since 5th of May, 2021. That said, as much as we wanted to share our thoughts, tips and information (my appointment is only on the 18th May) our kind friends who got their first dose of AZ were keen on sharing some thoughts and the whole process of getting it. In this article, we are doing a walk-through of the UM – University Malaya vaccination centre.

The Process

One thing that definitely worries a lot of Malaysians would be how the whole process will be like. RELA, who are managing the parking and so on, would tell you if you are too early or a little late to the session – in Tzen Yoong’s case his appointment was at 11am but he was there as early as 10:15am and was asked to turn back and come back a little later. Then when he returned at 10:40am-ish, entry was granted.

So, keep a reasonable amount of buffer time before your appointment as it does help smoothen the process in every way. If your appointment is at 12pm, make sure to be there at least 30 minutes earlier. If you arrive way too early and were asked to turn around, its alright – better that than arriving minutes later.

At the Dewan

Remember, the vaccination location for University Malaya is at Bangunan Peperiksaan UM and NOT PPUM. Once you arrive, you will be greeted and asked to scan the venue’s QR code – essentially, it’s the normal MySejahtera check-in. The staffs will then proceed to look up and check your vaccination details – making sure that you have arrived for the right time slot. Once that step is complete, you can proceed to the hall and your temperature will be taken. Then, you will be provided with a number card (technically, like a token of sorts). Then the waiting period kicks in. Usually, it lasts about 20 to 30 minutes, in TY’s case it was about 20 minutes whereas Ch’n-Yao waited for about 15 minutes.

Ch’n-Yao commented that the whole process starts the moment you approach the canvas gazebo. Look for the entrance with a Gazebo (CY – You’ll see it like in the photo above, can’t miss it.) and in the Gazebo you will spot the QR Code to scan before you get to the Rela officer at a desk who will check your appointment and if the timing is okay, they will let you in to the hall for the temperature check, it was really systematic and organized.

Verification Station

At the next station, there are 10 booths and make sure to prepare your required documents – in this case that will be:

  • IC/Passport
  • MySejahtera App with the Appointment
Consent Forms

You will be verified for the following details: phone number, nationality, ethnicity and job. After that, the form – these are the consent forms which will be required to fill in. There will be two copies given and one will be for you and the other will be for their documentation. Remember, the pens WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE AT THE TABLES, so make sure to bring your own pen to ease the process in every way possible.

If you want to read more about the vaccines, you can head over to vaksincovid.gov.my | npra.gov.my | who.int

The Doctor and Medical Staff Station

This is the station where you can converse with the doctor regarding the vaccine, if there are any medications, do’s and don’ts. They will also explain the blood clot risks and other side effects. Once again, you will be given a 15 to 30 minutes waiting time over here.

REMEMBER to let the doctors know if you have any history of allergies and be open about it, based on this information the doctor will decide if you need to be held under observation for 15 minutes or 30 minutes after your vaccination jab. A card will be given to you to inform you of your observation period. (15 or 30 minutes).

Onwards to the vaccination booth!

The Vaccination Booth

Over here, hand in both your consent forms and the entire process according to both Ch’n-Yao and TY, were pretty fast in a minute or two. If there is anything at all, do let the doctors and the nurses know.

Observation Booth

This Station is where everyone who got their vaccines will be heading over to sit and see if you feel anything different. Remember, YOU NEED TO KEEP TRACK OF THE TIME – So, set a timer based on the time you were allocated in that room. Once the 15-30 minutes allocated is up, you will move to the next station and will be provided with the purple/white physical vaccination card with the vaccine details. As per the volunteer’s information, the second appointment will be issued through the MySejahtera App..

You can return your number card (The Token) and leave the hall with your vaccination card, 1 copy of the consent form and a smile on your face, congratulations, you are vaccinated!

A Souvenir | Commemorate the Moment

At the end, you can see the booth and get a picture of yourself – that you have gotten your vaccine.

What about Parking?

This is a pretty good question. Now if you use Google Maps, it seems that it will bring you to the main entrance BUT you do NOT turn left and enter as that’s the staff parking. You will have to go further down straight a little bit and you will see the sign that says “Penerima Vaksin” and “OKU Keperluan Khas”. Turn in, go straight and you will notice a makeshift gate with Rela officers. Show them your appointment and if the timing is correct, you will be allowed into the special parking area.

So, that’s pretty much it. Simple isn’t it? Worry not, as the whole process is pretty smooth and easy – you dont have to worry a single bit. Make sure to be there on time, get your vaccines and stay safe from COVID. Make sure to follow your SOPs.

Special thanks to Ch’n Yao and Tzen Yoong for sharing their experience and for making this article happen. We wouldn’t have been able to do this if it wasn’t for them. Photos in this articles were contributed by Ch’n Yao and Tzen Yoong.