It’s also the first in Asia Pacific to launch both diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities with Mediso AnyScan SPECT/CT/PET

Let’s begin this by saying, “F*ck Cancer” and it’s exactly what Thomson Hospital is doing by launching its latest comprehensive cancer facility. Thomson Hospital Oncology and Nuclear Medicine focus not on one but both diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities for cancer patients. Now, what’s interesting is the machine itself that does the following: The Mediso AnyScan SPECT/CT/PET.

Thomson Hospital Oncology and Nuclear Medicine

Thomson Hospital Oncology and Nuclear Medicine

But before that, to dive a bit more into this facility: the entire Thomson Hospital Oncology and Nuclear Medicine aims to deal with all kinds of cancer treatment modalities under one roof, which makes it easier for patients’ journey from getting diagnosed and recovering.

To make this more impactful, Thomson Hospital is also working together with NGOs and patient support groups as it affects a collective group rather than just the person. They have teamed up with Breast Cancer Welfare Association, National Cancer Society Malaysia, National Cancer Council, Lung Cancer Network Malaysia and Prostate Cancer.

That said, Thomson has already built a nice track record of performing over 1,200 diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with oncology patients in areas like the cervix, lung, rectum, head, neck and brain. There are some interesting treatment techniques like Deep inspiration Breath Hold which they have used to treat Breast Cancer and radiotherapy and craniospinal irradiation for brain cancers.

Nuclear Medicine Therapies

Nuclear medicine therapies are in the works with isotopes like Yittrium-90, Lutetium-177, Ac-225 and high dose l-131. The hospital also plans in expanding into sub-specialities like gynaecology, haematology and paediatric treatments.

Mediso AnyScan SPECT/CT/PET

Thomson Hospital Oncology and Nuclear Medicine

Now unlike a traditional machine, that only focuses on one model, the Mediso AnyScan SPECT/CT/PET focuses on three areas – just like the name suggests. It’s a tri-modality nuclear medicine imaging equipment and interestingly enough, this is the only one in the Asia pacific region.

Thomson Hospital Oncology and Nuclear Medicine

For treatment, there’s the Specta Versa HD for radio therapy.

Health promotion

With the launch of the Thomson Hospital Oncology and Nuclear Medicine, they are offering some limited-time promotions:

  • F-18 FDG PETCT scan at a discounted price of RM 1,980 per scan
  • Ga-68 PSMA or Ga-68 DODATE at RM 2,600 per scan
  • 20% discount on cancer screening for patients’ family member
  • 15% on Feminine Health screening package
  • Free second opinion consultation with Consultant Clinical Oncologist

To learn more, do head over to Thomson Hospital’s website for more information. Stay tuned for more healthcare content with us here at Health with Vesper.